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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 22, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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that's some bad hat, harry. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. our extreme heat now a record breaker, triple digit temperatures made spending any time outside almost unbearable, but tonight a little bit of a break. good evening and thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00.
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i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. complete coverage of this heatwave just minutes away, but we'll begin tonight with a dramatic shift in the debt debate, talks between the president and speaker cut off and this afternoon it was a war of words. fox's jane rosen starts us off tonight. >> reporter: temperatures and tempers rising in washington, president obama summoning congressional leaders from both parties to meet saturday at the white house to continue negotiations to an increase in the debt ceiling. >> we have run out of time and they are going to have to explain to me how it is we are going to avoid default. >> reporter: the president called for the meter after house speaker john boehner -- meeting after house speaker john boehner said he was walking away from the talks. the speaker said in the end we couldn't connect, not because of different personalities, but because of different visions from our country. the president responded with a rare evening press conference. >> up until sometime early today when i couldn't get a
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phone call returned, my expectation was that speaker boehner was going to be willing to go to his caucus and ask them to do the tough thing but the right thing. i think it has proven difficult for speaker boehner to do that. >> reporter: without action the nation's $14.2 trillion borrowing authority will be breached on august 2nd potentially plunging the economy into chaos. >> i expect them to have an answer in terms of how they intend to get this thing done over the course of the next week. the american people expect action. >> reporter: shortly after the president's remarks congressman boehner held his own news conference. >> the white house moved the goalpost. >> reporter: despite the breakdown in talks the speaker confirmed he would return for more. >> reporter: are you going to go to the white house tomorrow morning? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: republicans have maintained all along they will not agree to any tax increases as part of these negotiations. the democrats have agreed to some spending cuts but have insisted on increases in tax
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revenues. james rosen, fox news. and back to our other big story tonight, the punishing heat that continues to grip our region. here we are after 10:00 tonight live in d.c. and it's 90 degrees outside, feels like 99 degrees, but it's a bit cooler than it was this afternoon. get this. dulles registered the hottest temperature ever on record today, 105 degrees and in the district at times it felt like 120 degrees. sue palka with us now. is it ever going to stop? >> it's hard to almost put into words what we've been through and what i'm noticing is people that have lived in d.c. all their lives, we don't remember anything like this, widespread heat indexes of 115 to 120. the 120 we hit in d.c. which is what it feels like, that combination of heat and humidity, we don't it really keep records on that, but one of the guys at the weather service did a calculation and says you have to go back to july 16th, 1980, to find a day
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more humid than today. so if it feels like it's been decades, folks, it has. we hope it will be decades before we do it again, shawn. we had a few cooling thunderstorm earlier today and that helped to knock down the temperature for a little bit, but before the storms got here feast your eyes on these, the high temperatures for today 102 degrees in d.c. you know what? we hit that one time in june, but we certainly were not this humid when we hit it. we also had a record at bwi at 106 and that's topped by 107 in baltimore's inner harbor. 105 the all time high at dulles shattering their 98-degree record. tomorrow we have another excessive heat warning. we will likely get to the triple digits again. we have want you to get ready for that heat index and it's really toasty tonight. look at current temperatures. it is still 90 in the district. that is warmer than the average high for the day and, of course, it's all about the humidity and while we did knock
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down the temperature for a while, all the rain we got with the thunderstorms has added to the humidity and it still feels like we have a heat index of 99 degrees which is slightly better than last night, but it is still not good. it's all about this oppressive humidity and we continue to have that heat dome right on top of us. we'll send it down to gary mcgrady in the -- it's not the national weather service. maybe it is now. down in our weather center and you're keeping track of what's going on inside the dome, gary. get us out of here! >> it does feel a little like the center of the weather universe, though, the last couple days for us, too. listen, we've been talking about the heat. i think one more day tomorrow where it's going to be another oppressive day where we're talking about this heat index up into 110, maybe 115 category. let me show you again what we're talking about. it's not so much the relative humidity, but it's the dew point that does that. we're sitting under this heat dome that we've been sitting
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under the last several days. look, just because it's going to cool off a little bit later on in the weekend and into next week, don't think this heat dome will go away. i think it's going to come back to see us late next week, too just so you know. heat index tomorrow again up to about 115 degrees. that's going to be possible. today fredericksburg was up to 123 degrees heat index and the here in the city we were right around 120. listen, the comfort index tomorrow, that dew point, is going to be up to 75 degrees or more. so that just makes things feel oppressive. any time we have that much moisture in the atmosphere, your body can't effectively cool itself. you can't have the evaporation because there's so much moisture in the air and that's what makes it feel oppressive and so, so uncomfortable, but only one more day like this. sue, it does feel a bet better out there this evening. you -- bit better out there this evening. you saw the temperatures in the 80s around.
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we haven't seen this the last couple nights and it was simply because of those cools thunderstorms, some of which we may get again tomorrow afternoon. >> i'm rooting for one at my house and by the way, boston was 103 degrees today, hartford 103 and portland, maine, was 100. so this has been widespread and it is definitely one for the record books. >> i'm trying to find ways to keep cool. >> i feel like i'm gab at the zoo where they had the misters -- back at the zoo where they had the misters going. meantime heat and humidity did not stop people from venturing out today, but it was pretty tough in the triple digit temperatures. fox 5's matt ackland is live to tell us how people are coping in this heat. >> reporter: what, it's seven minute after 10:00 now. it's -- minutes after 10:00 now. it's friday night. there should be a lot of people out on the sidewalk. we're only seeing a few people walk by here in friendship heights. that was basically the case all
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day today. if you went downtown or around dupont circle, not many people out walking around. some people, they had to be outside because they didn't have any ac. then went out to cool off just to get out of their hot houses and, in fact, we met a bunch of neighbors in northeast today who found a great way to cool off. most everywhere you look today the heat was so overwhelming it was hard to find many smiles. >> it's like standing in an oven almost outside. >> reporter: but then we not only found smiles, but lots of laughter on the street corner in trinidad northeast. the kids came from all over the neighborhood to escape the heat at home and this neighborhood, many don't have ac thanks to someone who opened up this fire hydrant, the misery turning to joy. >> come one, come all, free for all. >> reporter: even the adult its got in on the cool relief. nicky clark walked right into the water with her dress on. >> it's so hot, but actually
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it's better than in the morning. >> reporter: yes, the kids were playing in the street but don't worry. parents worked out a safety plan for traffic. when a car pulled up, mom gave the signal. [ whistle ] and then the kids headed for a sidewalk. back out live in northwest, there are all the people right there getting frozen yogurt. that sounds really good. we should point out that opening up a fire hydrant is not what you should do. at least that's what fire officials say. they don't want folks going around opening up these hydrants. the reason why, it will reduce the pressure of the water and in case there is a fire, there could be some issues. so yeah, everyone was having fun at that one hydrant, but officials are really concerned that if a lot of hydrants are opened throughout d.c., it could cause a problem if there is a fire and they need to fight it. back to you. >> feels good, but we do want to prevent any unnecessary emergencies. matt ackland, thank you. stay cool.
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this intense heat is not just annoying people. it's making some people sick. this was the scene today in dupont circle. firefighters helped a man with heat-related chest pain and took him to the hospital, just one of the many trips fire and ems crews handled today. >> last couple days we've averaged about 500 calls a day, which is about 25 or 30% more than normal. most of those calls are ems- related. we've taken close to 300 people to the hospital every day. >> the good news is people who have to be outside because their jobs are taking precautions. letter carrier duane holloway says he's watching for signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion, taking plenty of breaks and drinking plenty of fluids. tomorrow's civil war reenactment will mark the 150th anniversary of the battle of bull run. the festivities last through the weekend. the heat canceled sol events today, but tomorrow's -- some events today, but tomorrow's events will take place as scheduled. if you're trying to figure
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out how to beat the heat, we have everything you need to know on our website click on the heat link on the hot topics bar. i'm going back inside to join laura evans in air conditioned studio. >> get in here. we'll see you in a second. the debt ceiling not the only thing not getting done in congress. the shutdown of the faa now less than two hours away. thousands of workers about to be furloughed including 1,000 in our area, but it could actually benefit your wallet in one way. we'll explain coming up. plus the owners have given the green light. so what's it going to take for the nfl players to sign on the dotted line? plus another twist in britain's phone hacking scandal, find out which high level news corp. exec could soon be under investigation. that's coming up . 
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getting back to the debate over the debt ceiling now, talks breaking down today and
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major garrett joins us. thank you for being with us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> i assume you're not surprised from what you were saying here last night. >> not really. the prospect of a big grand bargain always seemed very difficult to achieve and clearly you saw tonight the country saw two very frustrated political leaders, one president obama and one speaker boehner. they thought they were at least within range, but in the end disagreements over tax increases and the magnitude and spes 50 of entitlement cuts meaning -- specificity of entitlement cuts meaning med care, medicaid and social security prove -- medicare, medicaid and social security proved too much for the house leaders to agree on. now over the weekend they have to come up with a debt ceiling increase plan that meets the president's and speaker boehner's commands in time for august 2nd, but real this deal has to be announced by monday to keep the markets from overreacting and hemorrhaging in a huge selloff monday.
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>> i thought today was the day they needed to hammer something out in order to have something many place by august 2nd. >> absolutely. now that that grand bargain is over and all talks about it are fundamentally over, now we're back to or not back to, we reverted to a situation where the slate is clean and lawmakers have to write a debt ceiling increase and speaker boehner's requirements are if you increase it by whatever amount, whatever dollar amount that is, you have to have spending cuts at least $1 higher than that and no tax increases. the president said he will not sign a debt ceiling that goes through 2013. that's $2.7 trillion. >> they're both saying, i listened to president obama and speaker boehner, they both say they're working for the good of country trying to get the best thing passed for our children and blah, blah, blah, but i'm wondering if there's political maneuvering going on here, if that's the basis of all that,
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that the gop is trying to prove president obama an ineffective leader. is that possible? >> policy drives politics. politics influences policy. the republican policy position on this is when the president had a democratic senate and democratic house, what did he do? he extended all the bush tax cuts. the republicans say don't expect republicans to do what you wouldn't do when you ran the whole joint during the lame duck session. the president says look, that's old history. if we want a big deal, you have to put some revenue on the table because if you don't, we'll have to sacrifice programs that benefit the middle class and the poor. that's a fundamental philosophical disagreement. it reflects the parties' entrenched positions and when parties entrench in times of crisis, nothing gets done. >> i've got to wrap this up. both of them have meetings scheduled. >> the meeting start at the white house by 11 a.m. tomorrow. by noon sunday asian markets and european markets will begin to respond and monday morning our markets will begin to
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respond. the heat is on from politically and a policy perspective. >> thanks for being with us and breaking it down. now to a developing story, in a little less than two hours thousands of workers from the faa will be furloughed, but the shutdown means passengers could save some money. fox 5's roz plater is following the laterrest developments on this one. >> reporter: -- latest developments on this one. >> reporter: some 4,000 federal aviation administration employees are temporarily out of a job as of midnight, 1,000 of them right here in the d.c. region, workers like engineers, scientists, researchers, office personnel, program managers and computer specialists. marion blakey is president of the aerospace industry association but was previously faa administrator. she says the timing of this furlough couldn't be worse. >> these are people who are responsible for airports construction projects. they are the ones getting the money out the door and this is the height of the construction season, the height of the
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travel season. this is a heck of a time to have people have to stay home who need to be on the job. >> reporter: trouble is congress can't agree on extending funding for the agency. they've agreed on 20 extensions since 2007, but this is the first impasse that led to furloughs. what are lawmakers fighting over? subsidies to small airports and a provision making it harder for airline workers to unionize. the good news is the feds say safety will not be compromised and air traffic controllers will stay on the job. flights should continue as planned and flyers will keep a little extra money in their pocket. ticket taxes and fees can't be collected during the furlough, but blakey says in the long run that's not a good thing. >> the system is going to be losing about $200 million a week because the taxes and fees are not being collected. >> reporter: the question now is will congress come back on monday and reach a compromise and if not, how long might faa
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goose be out of work? -- employees be out of work? >> i don't think any of us expected it to get to this point. so how far out it's going to go, i don't know. i think that if congressmen were finding it was affecting their flights home, it would be resolved very quickly. >> reporter: the estimate is without those taxes and fees on a $300 ticket you could save 60 to $80 before. you get too excited, analysts are predicting airlines will raise ticket prices to take advantage of that pack tax -- tax holiday. tonight there is still no deal in the nfl lockout one day after owners signed the new agreement. the labor dispute has caused the first cancellation of the season. fox 5's lindsay murphy is here now. what happens next? >> hopefully the hall of fame game will be the only game affected by this labor dispute. in a nutshell the owners voted on a new agreement yesterday. the players have not voted due to concerns of the language in
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it and some unresolved matters. i spoke with the redskins player rep who is at the heart and soul of this debate and he explains why he let out some frustrations last night on his twitter account. >> we felt like we were tricked and i embellished it a bit with the duped, bamboozled, led astray because it came to mind as i was treating but to let them know that yeah, this was not expected, you know, what happened and so guys are ticked off a little bit about it because we felt like we had leaving d.c. on wednesday after sitting in meetings all day going through the deal with the fine tooth comb, getting some understanding, being able to go back to our players and give them direction and let them know we are close to getting a deal done but leaving that meeting feeling like there were some unresolved issues that we had to go back and still trying to negotiate for. so we're feeling we're still in open negotiations and not having heard much from the
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owners throughout the day on thursday until roger stood up in front of the cameras and said that the owners had ratified a deal. having some of the questions still open ended felt like he they were going to push that back because there -- like they were going to push that back because there was nothing for us to vote on because the deal was not finalized. we feel the heat from the fans and the press. they have -- i'm not going to say they backed us into a corner because our stance all along is we're going to fight this thing until we get the right deal. we're close to getting the right deal. now the pressure comes because we are in the 11th hour. we've already missed the hall of fame game. it's important we get back to playing football, fixing some of the problems on your perspective teams and -- prospective teams and giving the fans what they want. >> they are in a holding pattern because the players say we're not going to agree to it just to get it done. they're outlining a 10 year
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deal. so they won't make these decisions hastily. >> i can certainly understand their hesitation. they want to make sure they get it right. >> talks will go on through the weekend unless something miraculous happens. they won't vote saturday or sunday but possibly as early as monday. everybody is getting sick of it, the media, the fans, the players. >> it sounds like the owners knew that. >> they're trying to move it along quicker i think. it is being called norway's stokes, a madman dressed as a police officer -- oklahoma city, a madman dressed as a police officer opens fire on a youth camp and that is not all, the details coming up next. 
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following breaking news right now out of norway where the death toll from today's terrorist attack has dramatically risen. authorities now say at least 87 people were killed in the twin attacks, 80 of the victims gunned down at a summer camp
10:27 pm
outside oslo. fox's greg talcott reports. >> reporter: a bomb explosion and a shooting rampage, norway rocked by the deadliest attacks the country has sign seven since world war 2. the blast ripped through the prime minister's offices in oslo friday afternoon, country's capital. rescue crews are searching for people trapped at government headquarters and the powerful explosion also heavily damaging nearby buildings. >> we realized we had to get out of here. we ran down to the exit and it was even more chaotic. >> reporter: government officials say the prime minister was working at home at the time and is safe. >> translator: it's too early to say anything about the motive behind attack. the most important thing is to keep calm and follow the advice and recommendations from police. >> reporter: meanwhile a man dressed as a police officer opening fire at a youth camp on an island outside the city, hundreds of people at the camp where the prime minister was scheduled to make a speech on saturday. one man was reportedly arrested at the scene. investigators suspect the bombing and shooting spree are
10:28 pm
linked. president obama promised u.s. support for oslo. >> it's a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring and that we have to work cooperatively together with both intelligence and in terms of prevention of these kinds of horrible attacks. >> reporter: there are about 400 norwegian soldiers serving in the international force in afghanistan. in london greg talcott, fox news. the trouble for news corp. is far from over tonight, this testimony to parliament now under fire. we'll tell you whose testimony is under fire, the latest twist coming up next.
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we are following new developments tonight in the phone hacking scandal that's rocking britain. news corp., the parent company of fox 5, is facing increased scrutiny here at home in connection to the news of the
10:32 pm
world scandal. >> reporter: in a joint statement a former editor of the news of the world and a former lawyer for the paper tom krohn saying james murdoch knew that the phone hacking was not limited to the single reporter at the now closed newspaper. referencing tuesday's hearing before a british parliamentary committee where james murdoch and his father testified the two former employees said they would like to point out james murdoch's recollection of what he was told was mistaken. the british prime minister reacted. >> clearly james murdoch has questions to answer in parliament and i'm sure he will do that and clearly news international has got some big issues to deal with and a mess to clear up. >> reporter: in a statement james murdoch stood by his testimony earlier this week when he told members of parliament that while he agreed to pay $1.2 million to a victim of the phone hacking scandal, he didn't know all of the
10:33 pm
facts. >> when you signed off the taylor payment, did you see or were you made aware of the four female voicemail messages? >> no, i was not aware of that at at time. >> reporter: according to the wall street journal owned by news corp., the justice department is preparing subpoenas as part of its preliminary inquiry into whether 9/11 families had their phones hacked. those who specialize in government investigations emphasize special procedures must be followed when the justice department wants information from any news organization. >> the attorney general has to approve personally and explicitly all subpoenas issued to news media organizations. >> reporter: in a statement a spokesman for news corp. said, "we have not seen any evidence to suggest there was any hacking of 9/11 victims' phones, nor has anybody corroborated what are clearly very serious allegations." a federal law enforcement source did not deny to fox subpoenas were being prepared but described the step as normal and cursory and the
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source added a preliminary inquiry would assess if there is ed of possible criminal activity or whether -- evidence of possible criminal activity or whether the claims amount to hot air. d.c. councilman harry thomas agreed to pay back $300,000 in grant money to the city to settle a civil lawsuit accusing him of using the money for his own personal use. will thomas made his first payment of $50,000 today and will pay off the remainder over the next two years. in exchange the city agreed to drop the lawsuit against thomas. thomas is accused of using city grants and charitable donations to pay for personal golf trips and luxury suvs. the settlement is to keep him from soliciting charitable donations in the district for five years and requires him to admit no wrongdoing. wtop political analyst mark plotkin is here tonight to help us break down what this means for councilman thomas and, of course, the city. thanks for joining us again. >> thank you. >> even though the councilman settled, he's not off the look here, right? >> that's absolutely right, shawn. the u.s. attorney has said that
10:35 pm
they are looking into possible criminal violations of this same case and attorney general said he would probably have charged him for criminal charges if the statute allowed him. so he's not out of the woods and, of course, you can be recalled in the second or third year of your term. he's fortunate that he's not up for reelection. he just got reelected last year. >> let me briefly read you the statement from councilman thomas tonight. "i have agreed to the settlement. i feel this is in the best interest of the city. a purposeful misuse of any funds allegations are not true." what's next? can his career survive? >> i don't really see how. i mean this was not an exoneration by the attorney general. he just said look, we don't have to go to trial. he was spared the public humiliation of going to trial and having to attend.
10:36 pm
he didn't admit to wrongdoing. that was part of the deal, but his political career, chairmanship of the economic development committee has been taken away and he will get fierce opposition in the next three years in his own ward and in terms of any political advancement he'll be lucky to keep his own job. >> a lot of times you talk to some of the other council members. what are you hearing from them? without naming names, what do they think about this? >> i know there's a move afoot that anybody and other people are charged, not yet, but might be charged like the chairman of the council kwame brown and other people are under investigation is that there's a move afoot that if you're indicted, right now you don't have to leave office, that the law should be changed or at least implemented so that you would have to resign from office. this institution, the city council, is under great duress and under great criticism and they need to clean up their act. >> taking the heat, too indeed.
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wtop political analyst mark plotkin, thanks for coming in. always good to see you. just about everyone trying to beat the heat these days and that includes your four-legged friends. the new device that can help them keep cool despite the furry coat coming up. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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if you weren't invited to the wedding, you can now get an up close look to see the detail on kate middleton's wedding dress on display right now in buck happen palace. tourists -- buckingham palace. tourists can visit starting tomorrow. disappointment at the national zoo. giant panda mei xiang is not
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having a cub. veterinarians determined today she has been experiencing a pseudopregnancy, which is really not unusual for pandas. no baby giant pandas, but four new red pandas were born in june, two at the zoo, two more born at a national facility in front royal, virginia, and they sure are cute. new tonight on the news edge at 11:00 the extreme heat is doing damage to restaurants across the region, why it's especially bad timing for some businesses. and it is the official end of don't ask don't tell, how the military will begin its next chapter where gays can serve openly.
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we aren't the only ones trying to cope with the heat of summer. our pets are also trying to stay cool despite their fur coats. we'll hear how one inventor hopes to help. >> what's out here? >> this is where all the
10:45 pm
craziness happens. >> reporter: this time craig siegel's workbench produced a not so crazy idea. >> it started out with like a squirt gun. >> reporter: plus some aquarium tubing and? >> that's a mister. i bought it for the misting nozzle on it. that's what i do. i buy whatever and use the pieces i need and the rest kind of goes in the trash. >> reporter: these pieces came together in the prototype for tooldown doggy, a leash that lets you mist -- cooldown doggie, a leash that lets you mist your dog while you walk. >> she's good with it. she walks. we mist her. she's happy and it keeps her cool. greyhounds overheat very easily. >> reporter: nancy has been there from the beginning and even modeled cooldown doggie at the global pet expo. >> she's sort of tall and thin like a model and she's got the long legs. >> reporter: greg says the leash is easy to use. >> you can unscrew here. this is where the water goes and so you fill it up. there's a little line that
10:46 pm
tells you how full to fill it, so there's some room for error. you pump up the leash and then it's good to. go. >> reporter: pull the trigger and spritz your dog with a fine cooling mist. cooldown doggie isn't greg's first invention, but it's the first to make it to the show. >> didn't get through the second glass doors of petco and i saw it on their shelf right there in the front. >> reporter: a very proud moment for him and his family. >> i remember thinking oh, my gosh, i'm dreaming like this isn't happening. i started like calling all my friends and texting all my friend goes to petco. you have to get the cooldown doggie. it's in stores. >> reporter: cooldown doggy is now in or on its way to nearly 500 petco's nationwide, but greg is not resting. you might say he has a new leash on his life of inventions. the next idea is already working? >> oh, yeah. >> great idea. cooldown doggie is selling for
10:47 pm
39.99 at petco. you can find it on amazon for just under 25 bucks. >> we could use some cooldown people. >> i might buy one for myself. >> i love that spritzer you had out there. that was very refreshing. >> thank you. that's nice for the kids at camp. tomorrow mont montgomery county has a big -- montgomery county has a big divisional team meet. of course, the kids are in the water, but the parents and everybody watching. hang in there, folks, it's going to be a hot one to remember. tonight it's still hot around town. they're still taking your mind off the heat in dupont circle. remember we saw a few guys down there the other night from charlotte, north carolina. they said they feel a lot of love from the folks in d.c. when i was in dupont yesterday at 5:00, everyone was loving that music so much that no one was complaining about b that 91- degree temperature. -- about that 91-degree temperature. if you're in dupont this weekend, enjoy the music and i
10:48 pm
guarantee you you won't be thinking about the heat, but it will be hot tomorrow. we want to remind you as we look at our comfort index for tomorrow and pay attention to the dew point that an air mass like that, where are we headed for tomorrow? i'm sorry to tell you oppressive. it's going to be above 75 degrees when it comes to the dew point and that means that heat index will likely be around 115 and maybe in some spots 120. i think today was the hottest of the whole mess. tomorrow will still be close but probably not up to these levels. all time record at dulles and a daily high temperature of 105. bwi marshall 106, reagan national 102, not the record. the record was 103, but look at the company we have. this i cannot get over, boston 103 degrees, raleigh 103, detroit 95. little rock was 1,000, dallas 101, st. louis 100 -- little rock was 100, dallas 101, st.
10:49 pm
louis 101 and yes, we have that excessive heat warning from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. tomorrow. temperatures now are still at 90, a few spots a little cooler. we were gifted with some thunderstorms today and they helped out in terms of knocking the temperature down a bit, but humidity, still feels like 99 degrees. 108 is what it feels like right now in frederickburg. your next three days, perhaps a few more cooling thunderstorms around and a bit more widespread on sunday. not everybody will see it, but i know we're all rooting for it. not only do we need the water, but it brings that cool air, monday a chance for thunderstorms at 92, but the weekend heat index 105 to 110 and in some places tomorrow it could be 115. tonight we continue to watch a few leftover showers and storms out to our northwest. some of you might get this closer to interstate 81, but i think we'll have to wait for tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be so warm overnight, 82 for the district,
10:50 pm
fredericksburg 82, bowie 79 degrees, chantilly 80 degrees, in the district 80 he 2 with the very humid conditions continuing -- 82 with the very humid conditions continuing, the excessive heat warning continuing, a few afternoon storms possible with a temperature of 101 degrees. i want to show you the futurecast so you can get an idea we'll probably get through most of the morning as well as the noon hour without seeing any thunderstorm activity. this bubbles up, it will like -- if this bubbles up, it will likely be between 3:00 and 5:00. could be a couple stragglers around at 9:00 tonight and a bit more widespread coverage sunday afternoon. keep your fingers crossed you get one. we may have a few more on monday as well. here is your five-day forecast. at least tomorrow should be the last of the bad triple digits at 101. it looked a little better for sunday as that big heat dome shifts slightly to the west.
10:51 pm
we get a bit of a respite on monday, tuesday, average at or above 90 degrees. i know that probably doesn't sound like much, but when you think about it, that will be 10 or 12 degrees cooler than most places were today. >> it sounds down right fabulous. i got a message from folks in bethany beach and they're like we're hot out here, too. >> we will not forget about you. we often think about that nice cool ocean breeze, but guess it's not so cool tonight. it's probably a land breeze. >> gary started to allude to it here. i hope you don't get upset me asking you, this but are we looking at another heatwave down the road? >> i'll tell you what we see on our guidance. don't get depressed out there, but it looks like it's going to try to build back into the upper 90s by the end of next week. we are not looking at any -- i'd say we'll bend it. it's going to feel better, but there is no real cool stuff coming and, in fact, it might get a little bit hotter again. >> we got to get a spritzer.
10:52 pm
>> i got to find some more short sleeved shirts. i'm running out. something to keep in mind tomorrow when you're out with the kids, be careful if they want to head out in the heat to play because in indianapolis which was nearly 100 degrees today crews tested the surface of playground equipment. a swing set, the seat there, it was 139 degrees. the plastic slide 131 degrees. that's enough to burn. so be careful and be sure to test any equipment before you let your child play. well, if the heat is making you think about getting away, you can. if you book soon, you can still get a pretty good deal on some luxurious locations. we have the details. >> reporter: looking for a luxury vacation without the upscale price tag? the trick to summer travel on the cheap to head where other people are not. >> you'll get rock bottom prices, fewer crowds and very often you'll get better service. some destinations are as much as 70% cheaper than they are
10:53 pm
during their high season. >> reporter: travelocity likes the fairmont southampton hotel in arizona, a hot summer vacation for sure, but at a hot price. >> prices this summer are about $130 a night compared to over $400 a night in the high season. >> reporter: travelocity says in the caribbean expect to pay about 50% less for hotels in the low season. >> the four season is a very high end five star hotel. rates this summer are under $300 a night compared to over $1,000 a night in the winter high season. >> reporter: cancun is a popular destination year-round, but travelocity says prices really drop on both air fare and hotel rates in the summer months. >> the meridian cancun resort and spa has rates this season about $150 per night, plus kids under 12 stay and eat free from the kids menu. >> reporter: look to your hotel
10:54 pm
for a value add. the wynn and encore in las vegas are extending a $100 resort credit this summer. >> if you book a flight and hotel, you get the $100 credit plus a 20% discount and if you book with travelocity using your card, you'll get an additional 250 and $100 off your booking. >> reporter: in orlando disney resorts offer a free ride to and from the orlando airport eliminating the cost of a rental car just for staying on the property. >> if you decide to stay outside of disney, the waldorf astoria orlando is offering a $50 per night reserve credit plus kids breakfast for free. >> that was fox's brenda buttner. we will be right back. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. 
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comic-con 2011 is in full swing and legendary director steven spielberg hits the san diego convention today to promote his latest work. fox's adam housley caught up with him and several other hollywood stars at the event. >> reporter: director steven spielberg made his first visit to comic-con meeting fans that helped turn him into a film making legend. >> i'm very excited because i got to meet my audience that put me here and basically this is audience and their parents that essentially saw jaws and gave me a career. >> reporter: speedberg is the executive producer for the upcoming fox tv drama terra nova and was also in san diego to promote the motion controlled animated feature adventures of tin tin with peter jackson. >> i think we're sort of waiting for technology to catch
10:59 pm
up with how we solve it. it's an animated movie, but we didn't want it to look like an animated film. we created like a hybrid of live action. it's taken us five or six years. >> you're about to walk into a whole mess of danger. >> reporter: here it's all about hollywood star and creative power. fans get a first look at what's next along with a chance to meet the stars. >> i'm excited to be here. >> i'm geeing out. >> i'm getting an x-box. -- geeing out. >> i'm getting an x-box. movies and tv shows based on novels are all the rage. cary mulligan would love to star in one of her favorites. >> teenage mutant ninja turtles were my favorite. if they made a show with that and a woman to play leonardo, i'd be in line. >> reporter: adam housley, fox news. the news keeps coming tonight, sh


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